Sunday, June 21, 2009

old drawing of x-men cast

I was cleaning my stuff when i saw this old drawing of x-men cast. Back in high school me and my sisters used to watch x-men every friday in tv if I am not mistaken.

Wolverine is my favorite though he is not included in this drawing. It looks like i never had the chance to finished this one but this sure brings back old memories, good one :)


FreEzEBoX said...

talented jd kaau ka mam dah... ako sa una maski unsaon nako dli mn ko ganahan sa akong na draw.. hehehe..

tinycutie said...

hehe salamat po, di pud kaau tanto oi, dili man pud ko parehas sa uban nga maka draw jud ug realistic nga drawing. cartoons ra pud taman hahaha. musta man?